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Turns on lathe the piece vacuum pump, 水环 the vacuum pump, the Luo tribulus vacuum pump, the reciprocation vacuum pumpNew east vacuum pump factory, close neighbor Shanghai, specialized production fluid 环式, water 环式 vacuum pump: 双级 水环 vacuum pump 2s, 2SK, 2YK, and single stage water 环式 2BV2, 2BV5, SK, SKA, SZ, the 2BY straight association vacuum pump and so on, the reciprocation type vacuum pump (W3, W4, W4-1, W5, W5-1, W300, WY-200 and so on), turns on lathe the piece type vacuum pump (2x, XZ, XD and so on), the do -like vacuum pump (RCB, ZJ, WLW and so on), the Luo tribulus vacuum pump unit (JZJS, JZJX, JZWLW and so on) And so on six big 类数 ten varieties vacuums obtain the equipment.
We through to the vacuum pump product long-term research and the actual combat, grasped massive vacuum pumps aspect the and so on product production, service, application shaping technology and the resources, we optimized according to the user to the vacuum product operation requirements to the product implementation technology, guarantee the product which provided to the user are the most superior products which the user needed!

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Obtains the aspect in the vacuum the main product:
1. 2XZ 2x turns on lathe the piece vacuum pump (2XZ-0.5,2XZ-1,2XZ-2,2XZ-4,2X-4,2X-8,2X-15,2X-30CA,2x-70A);
2. WLW W WY reciprocation vacuum pump (WLW50, WLW70, WLW100, WLW150, WLW200, W3, W4, W5, W4-1, W5-1, WY);
3. ZJ, ZJB, ZJB - A Luo tribulus vacuum pump (ZJ-30, ZJ-70, ZJ-150, ZJ-300, ZJ-600, ZJ-1200);
4. ZJL 气冷式 Luo tribulus vacuum pump;
5.3l-WD/3l-WC Luo tribulus thick vacuum pump / Luo tribulus air blower;
6. ZJ W, WLW do -like vacuum pump;
7. 2BV SZ SK SKA SKV, 2BY 2s 2SK 水环 vacuum pump;
8. disposes each kind of vacuum unit for the user: JZJX Luo tribulus 旋片机 group JZJH Luo tribulus slide-valve unit, JZJS Luo tribulus 水环 unit JZJLS air cooled Luo tribulus 水环 unit, JZJ2B Luo tribulus 水环 unit JZJWLW non- oil vacuum unit and so on.

In vacuum application aspect main product:
1. RF medical vacuum negative pressure station
2. vacuums pilot the unit
3. physical strength expulsion systems
4. revolves for the material, is mad the knife
5. each kind of special-purpose non- sign vacuum application equipment.

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